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How NFT & DeFi change a banker’s generational curse of poverty in few months

NFT & DeFi – Cryptocurrency have overtime proved that one stands a chance to overcome endemic poverty with the various opportunities it provides around the world, from individual traders to corporations, government, etc.

Before you today is the success story of former USA mortgage underwriter from Texas, Brenda Gentry who asserts that cryptocurrency ecosystem offers a chance to overcome the generational curse of poverty.

According her report, Gentry left her aged long job as a banker to pursue a full-time career in crypto.

She had initial investment from early 2020 which has turned out be a good investment decision.

Gentry now runs a media production outfit, a firm that advises decentralized finances and nonfungible token (DeFi  & NFT) projects which generates about 20 Ether (ETH) monthly, close to $5,000 at this time.

Her first investment

Gentry recollected the moment she bought her first crypto holding in a briefing thus;

“It was early 2020 during the lockdown. I bought Bitcoin, Ethereum and Link on Coinbase. When I started, I almost gave up multiple times, I just want to help others have a more streaming way to get into crypto.”

Gentry also gave in to learning about DeFi, which led her to invest in altcoins. Acknowledging the big learning curve into crypto, she provides educational content through her website.

In a statement Gentry said,

“I’m also hosting seminars to educate the general public about navigating in this space and things to look out for when searching for good NFT & DeFi projects and tokens, and also how to quickly detect scams or rug pulls.”

Gentry’s younger daughter and business partner Imani recently talked about the rising interest in crypto within her friends and circle. In her own words,

“A trend that was interesting for me to watch was people following trends, everyone making their own projects and 10k collections because they saw the outcome.”

Gentry as we understand does not have a plan B, but a moral support from her family before committing to restart her career as the new owner of Bundlesbets, a DeFi platform dedicated to sports betting.

Her husband and daughters encouraged her to pursue her dream full-time and she’s happy she did.

Her plans

Gentry intends to help accelerate breaking down generational curses and poverty around the world as a way of giving back to the society.

She plans to visit her home country Kenya and equip a non-profit organization, educate a child with knowledge about this new asset class and opportunities that blockchain technology can offer.


If you want to follow her footstep in this, Gentry advises researching this space first before jumping in. According to her, one must understand the bad side of crypto to avoid getting scammed.

“When it comes to investing in crypto, the opportunity to gain financial freedom is well worth the cost to watch a few educational crypto YouTube videos or read a book on the topic.”

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