Bitcoin surge results in over $500M in liquidations

Crypto markets regain the $1 trillion market capitalization mark over the weekend following signs of bottoming and a record number of short liquidations contributing to the uptick.

Nearly $500 million in shorts, or bets against higher prices, were liquidated since Friday to mark the highest such levels since October 2022, according to data from Coinalyze.

The liquidation figure means over 70% of traders booked losses as exchanges closed leveraged positions following partial or total evaporation of the trader’s initial margin.

Crypto Exchange OKX saw $256 million worth of short losses on Friday alone, the most record among all crypto exchanges, followed by $125 million on Binance and $42 million on Huobi.

Aptos’ native APT tokens saw over $10 million in liquidations in an unusual move as prices doubled over the past week.

Major cryptocurrencies are up an average of 20% since last week, CoinGecko data shows. Bitcoin surged 22% to over $21,000 on strong CPI data, either jumped to as much as nearly $1,600, while Solana jumped almost 70%, trading at $24 on Monday from just $9 in the last week of December.

The run wasn’t irrational, as the underlying networks of several major tokens saw favorable fundamentals.

It was suggested that strong transactional activity on Cardano and Solana may have contributed to a surge in their native ADA and SOL tokens, respectively, over the past week.

The upcoming Shanghai upgrade for ether has added to its fundamentals, while Polygon is scheduled for a hard fork – a concept for network upgrade – this week, triggering a 22% rise in MATIC over the past week.

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