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Beginner’s guide to Coinmama app in Nigeria

Beginner’s guide to Coinmama app in Nigeria

Coinmama app – The arrival of cryptocurrency will remain green in the world finance, it has given birth to upsurge in exchanges and brokers, who by their contributions made the industry transaction process seamless and hassle free.

Just like the availability of Koinwa and its likes in Nigeria, has encouraged more interest towards bitcoin purchases, sales etc.

What you should know about Coinmama

This is a financial service that enhances user experience, safety, purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies around the world.

It envisages a future where everyone has to be in rapid control of the economy for maximum financial prosperity.

About Coinmama wallet

To right a wrong impression, Coinmama is not a wallet provider, rather helps send your coins to a wallet of your choice from its platform.

If you’d wish to create a wallet, check out any of the exchanges or wallet providers in town.

Coinmama verification

Account verification is pertinent for online transaction on the Coinmama app/platform, kindly follow the under listed steps to get a smooth run,

  • As a prospective user, locate the account page and click on verify my account
  • Thereafter, you will need to upload a valid ID card, alongside a selfie containing the ID, then a piece of paper showing the text “Coinmama” and date of verification.

Thereafter you can start carrying out transaction on the Coinmama app.

Coinmama fees

As you are aware, cryptocurrency is a decentralize currency as such no Central Bank fixes rates, fees or charges, to this end, coinmama provides a rate it deems fit for consummating transactions on its platform.

  • Commission fee of 3.90% on purchase
  • Commission fee of 0.9% on sell transactions
  • Credit/debit card transactions, there’s a 5% percent momentum fee
  • SWIFT bank transfer attracts a minimum of 20GBP on orders below 1000 USD, however no additional fee on orders above 1000 USD.

Peer-2-Peer trade on Coinmama

Coinmama does not support trade between buyers and seller, rather run a personal inventory, which facilitates transactions just between you and Coinmama.

How to buy Bitcoin on coinmama with your credit/debit card

To start buying/selling bitcoin on coinmama, your account has to be fore mostly verified.

On successful verification, kindly follow this Link to buy and sell bitcoin on coinmama with your card, it’s a simple and seamless process, you can get running in few minutes.

Buying limit on Coinmama

The minimum bitcoin purchase via coinmma app is pegged at 60 USD, however subject to account level.

While the daily buying limit stays at 5000 USD with a monthly limit of 15,000 USD for level 1 account type.

Customer support

Kindly follow this Link to reach out to Coinmama for your enquiry, issues and request.


Coinmama app can be accessed from any country of the world, except from countries with restrictions, alternatively you may check out other exchanges that support your country for a prompt and timely crypto transactions.


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