Nigeria’s leading Bitcoin exchange, Koinwa, introduces Ethereum & other crypto wallets

Ethereum – I won’t say you are ignorant of the fact that crypto adoption in Nigeria has spread like wild fire, despite CBN ban on crypto trading through banks, Nigerians have continued to show unending desire to make things work in the crypto space.

Given the viral nature of cryptocurrency assets and the need to acquire and hold them by investors and traders at all levels, crypto exchanges play a role to facilitate transition of funds in and out of the market.

Need not tell you more, however, inform you that the Nigeria’s leading cryptocurrency platform, Koinwa, who provides Bitcoin exchange services has equally launched Ethereum and other crypto wallets to enable you facilitate your transactions on the spot while using the platform.

Aside Bitcoin, Koinwa provides a gate way to buy, sell and hold other crypto assets like Ethereum, Cardano, Shiba, etc.

How can I buy Ethereum on Koinwa?

Buying Ethereum should be as easy as buying BTC and any other crypto asset you so wish on Koinwa.

Well, you would fore mostly learn how to buy BTC on the platform, buying Bitcoin first is the gateway through which you can access Ethereum and other cryptos on Koinwa.

In other words buying Ethereum, etc. is dependent on buying Bitcoin first, hope that’s clear?

What next?

You have to download and install  Koinwa app on Google/App store available for both Android and IOS operating system.

  • Sign up by choosing a preferred username and strong password
  • On completing the required fields, login to your preferred email to get your account activated, thereafter login with your username and password
  • Congratulations, you may now explore unending features on the app

How to buy BTC first

Having installed the app on your mobile device, you should understand that the best way to buy and sell BTC on the Koinwa app is through Peer-2-Peer feature conspicuously located on your dashboard.

To get started,

  • Login to the Koinwa app
  • Scroll down to locate the buy/sell Bitcoin option, click on the option that applies to your desired task
  • If you are looking to buy, select a preferred seller from the available list seen
  • Select “buy” then enter the “amount” you wish to buy in NGN, the BTC value would be displayed to ascertain how much Satoshi/BTC you are getting
  • Click on “continue” in the next slide to view your transaction summary and equivalent in NGN.
  • Click on “submit trade request.”
  • Enter your 4-digit transaction PIN (your PIN should have been set up while signing up above).

A quick note on setting up your PIN in case you are lost here

  • Go to your dashboard
  • From the list of options select “change PIN”
  • Enter your password, followed by your preferred 4-digit PIN.
  • Click “save PIN.” You are done

Note: You will always require this PIN to authenticate your transaction on the app, it’s a security feature that ensures a third-party does not gain access to your wallets.

Buying Ethereum and other crypto assets

Now that you have Bticoin in your wallet

  • Head over to the wallet end on your app
  • There you will see other cryptocurrencies
  • You then have a gateway to convert your (BTC to Ethereum, Shiba, Cardano, etc.) to a length of any crypto asset listed.


Koinwa will continue to provide you with requisite trends that will aid your financial prosperity in the cryptocurrency market.

What next? Head over to the app here, download, install, sign up and get started at the speed of light.




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