Strike launches features to convert Paychecks to Bitcoin

Strike launches features to convert Paychecks to Bitcoin

Strike, a leading payment company has followed suit with Coinbase having announced its United States users can now convert their paychecks to Bitcoin instantly via its service platform.

As announced, users can access this feature regardless if their employers accept or do not approve Bitcoin usage.

This features is termed “Pay me in Bitcoin” and allows users to convert part of their income or full into Bitcoin with the aid of their account or routing numbers.

Pay me in Bitcoin is looking to create a breeding ground for financial freedom for users who by one way or the other do not have access to BTC.

It has been found that virtually every user in the U.S or El Salvador can sign up for strike and commence a journey into saving part of their income in Bitcoin automatically, which apparently create a shield against high inflation, with a wider scope of controlling power over their money.

According to the founder and CEO of Zap Inc, “Jack Mallers” “I am unbelievably excited to announce and publicly release Pay Me in Bitcoin with Strike. Today, anyone with a Strike account, no matter their employer, can get paid in Bitcoin.”

“If you are not getting a 25% raise every year and you are saving in dollars, you are not out earning or out saving the rate of inflation or the increase in cost of living, and your quality of life will degrade as time goes on.”

“You don’t have to work for a special company, you don’t have to convince your boss to like bitcoin, you don’t need to nag your CFO to put Bitcoin on the balance sheet. All you need to do is share your Strike account details and configure your Pay Me in Bitcoin split.

To get paid in Bitcoin, all you need to do is create a Strike account and set up the Pay Me in Bitcoin feature, take the bank details made available by Strike, send them to your employer, and you’ll receive a percentage of your paycheck in bitcoin.

This will ultimately improve the quality of life since the BTC is now safer to save your money than the USD considering high inflationary measures.

The simplicity of the platform ensures the least education is requited to understand the dynamics after all.

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