Why You should Embrace Bitcoin

Why You should Embrace Bitcoin

The new 7.5 vats by the Nigerian government is a clear indication that the government does not have any plan or whatsoever for her citizen,A clear indication the government is trying to frustrate the e commerce industry.

With this alarming 7.5 percent vats on her citizen,considering the hardship and unemployment rate in the country and also with so many e commerce start up,that is why the koinwa team came up with the idea of pair to pair payment that will decentralize the banking industry.

 Reduce the power of government and also make sure no third party is involve with sending and receiving of money.we urge you as a citizen of Nigeria to subscribe to koinwa.com.

So as to have your own bitcoin wallet where you can send,receive worldwide within a minutes and without no government or third party interferance and also you can store value with your wallet....Visit www.koinwa.com    

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