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Want to buy and sell Bitcoin on Koinwa? [Let me show you how to do that in simple steps…]

Want to buy and sell Bitcoin on Koinwa? [Let me show you how to do that in simple steps…]

Buy and sell Bitcoin – Dear reader, sometime in July 2017, two friends have about N1,000,000 naira each, happens to be a proceed from a joint investment.

Suffix it to say their friendship dated back in the University days, they weren’t typical of average students either.

Both graduated with first class honors that the University couldn’t help but offered them automatic provisional employment.

Do they accept the employment? Sure they did.

Now to their business sense despite avalanche inclination to education.

They both were rootless business young men, there seems to be no difference in the way they perceive and welcome business opportunity, they’ll pass successful merchants any day.

They were loved by all, their business sense was top notch that virtually everyone wants to tap into their experience, which majority came under their tutelage.

Everything about them seem to operate on the same frequency, but something somewhere made a difference between these two friends.

While one decides to invest the N1,000,000 joint proceed in a fixed deposit account, the other invested same in Bitcoin.

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While the nation went into recession and the Naira devalued, the former had his money devalued without reasonable returns, while the later made over 100% of his initial investment in Bitcoin.

Waw! That’s amazing right?

Learning curve

While the former invested in a porous and centralized currency (naira)/economy, the later invested in a decentralized currency (bitcoin), which favorably had an upscale within the period under review.

From the above, it can be deducted that bitcoin is a far reliable currency than the Nigerian naira, investing in bitcoin ensures you hold your money in a safer currency with high value even if Nigeria goes into recession and the naira devalued as has been the practice in recent time.

Recall, Nigeria devalues the naira to close gap with the USD in 2020 after that of 2019, while the foreign currency gains momentum, the naira continues to deflate and collapse invariably.

This can be attributed to poor microeconomic policy of the Nigerian government. Needless to stress the mediocre aspect that has since earned the nation a rank as “world capital for extreme poverty.”

Away from that now,

Why should you invest in Bitcoin?

Common sense infers that once you store your money in a superior currency than the naira, you are at most advantage to still hold the value of your money afterwards in a falling economy like ours.

Additionally, bitcoin as an electronic currency appreciates at interval, the more the price raises, the more bitcoin/money you will make.

When converted to local currency, you would have made millions depending on your investment power and risk appetite.

As a matter fact, bitcoin is being used globally for payment of goods and services, it has a wide range of acceptability like any other legal tender you may think of.

According to Investopedia, London, New York, Tel Aviv, Amsterdam were all listed as Bitcoin hotspots in the world amongst many others.

It isn’t a brainer to use bitcoin anymore, to even think you can send and receive bitcoin without being monitored by the Central Bank money transfer policy makes it even more endearing.

By this arrangement, you could send and receive any amount just by owning a bitcoin wallet, the exchange rate is something else, you can’t get that using the centralized process.

With bitcoin, you are as free as a waving flag on top of your investment and money transfer process without recourse to any existing protocol.

How to buy and sell Bitcoin on Koinwa

By every standard, if you wish to start buying or selling bitcoin here on Koinwa, this guide has been streamlined to show you the processes involved in simple steps.

As you’re aware, Koinwa is one of the leading platforms in Nigeria, where you could trade (buy, sell bitcoin) with little or no fees at all.

To enhance your experience, Koinwa has streamlined its transaction process in a very seamless arrangement, to aid ease of access for user experience, enshrined in a robust technology.

How to get started;

  • Kindly visit
  • Click on the sign up icon as seen on the website
  • Choose a user name > Input your valid email address > then choose a password
  • Having done that click on create account

Now you’ve succeeded in signing up accordingly. Hence could now buy and sell bitcoin as desired.


How to buy Bitcoin on Koinwa

  • Click on products/the menu button
  • Then locate the “buy bitcoin”
  • It will navigate to the next slide where you are expected to fill in your details; name, transaction amount and your bitcoin wallet to be credited.
  • Accept the terms and condition

You will then be redirected to the payment page.

Here you are expected to complete the transaction by paying to the tune of would purchase amount.

At this point note;

  • Your debit card is required.
  • You will be required to input your 16 digit PAN/card number as seen on your debit card, Card verification value (CVV) this is the 3-digit number found at the back of your card, then the card expiry date as seen on the card.
  • On confirmation of your payment, you will receive bitcoin in your wallet as fast as below 10 minutes.

How to sell Bitcoin on Koinwa

  • Click on product/menue
  • Click on “Sell bitcoin”
  • A page will be displayed to fill; your full name, email address, phone number, amount of bitcoin sent, your bank account number where your fund will be transferred to, bank name.
  • Having done this, a confirmation page will be displayed.

You are required to make a screenshot of the confirmation page and upload file in the column provided.

Upon confirmation your account will be credited accordingly with value.


You can buy and sell bitcoin without stress on Koinwa, do not hestitate to contact us should you have any challenge while consumating your transaction on this platform.

Kind regards.


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