Things You Need To Know About Crptocurrency(Bitcoin) Before Investing

Things You Need To Know About Crptocurrency(Bitcoin) Before Investing

Cryptocurrency as a revolution is faced with so many questions as many people are skeptical about the credibility of bitcoin and why they should invest amongst other questions.

The major question everyone is concerned about is base on the fact that every currency in the world is backed by either government policy or the economic situation of the country.

Many people want to know what backing or what is the basis on  which crytocurrency exist on,cryptocurrency is not backed by any government policy or economic situation rather it backed by cryptography and mathematics.

 what is cryptography> Cryptography is an art of writing or solving codes,according to disu hakeem the CEO of,crypt means hidden why graphy means writing crytography is a way of protecting a particular information with use of codes.

whereby the only people who can have access to the codes are the people that can process it and this people are known as miners.

Bitcoins are created as a reward for a process known as mining,bitcoin was first mentioned in an international journal in 2008 and it started it full operation in 2009.

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