Stripe partners with Twitter

Stripe partners with Twitter, content creators to receive a payout in USDC

Stripe partners with Twitter, content creators to receive a payout in USDC

Stripe partners with Twitter – Stripe, an American software financial service provider known for creating and implementing payment processing software’s and application programming interface for e-commerce websites, has announced it would commence payout in cryptocurrency, targeting its product “Stripe connect” in a partnership with microblogging site Twitter.

In the briefing, a group of creators on the microblogging site “Twitter” will be able to receive their earnings as USDC stable coin. USDC notably is the second most capitalized stablecoin with a market capitalization measured to worth around $50 billion.

In the announcement, it was said that payments will be made through Polygon MATIC network, which happens to be a layer-2 solution for Ethereum blokchain which advantageously has small fees, swift transaction processing, innovative zero-knowledge technology and integration on Ethereum.

Highlights as Stripe partners with Twitter

  1. Stripe content is reportedly crated to enable content creators and freelancers an easy gateway to receive compensation for their creativity/work.

“While it’s easier than ever before to find customers and fans, getting paid can still be difficult, especially outside the major markets. We built Stripe Content in part to solve this problem” the announcement reads.

  1. Twitter has been adopted through partnership as the first company to try out the feature by allowing earnings to be paid out to content creators on the microblogging site in crypto, this is targeted at content creators who use company’s monetization products in the likes of “Ticketed spaces and “Super Follows.”
  2. In this regard, content creators and freelancers would need to pace know Your Customer onboarding checks conducted by Stripe. Thereafter, they can manage their account details, track real-time earnings and upcoming payouts into their crypto wallets.
  3. The announcement mentioned that by the end of 2022, Twitter and Stripe are looking to expand the program to be available to over 120 countries.

Twitter product lead creator, Esther Crawford states that Twitter is where people go to have conversation about what’s happening.

“We’re focused on helping creators who drive those conversations earn money and connect with their audiences in new ways.”

“We are excited to begin offering crypto payouts to creators via Stripe, so they have more choice in how they get pad.”

  1. Payouts will happen over the Polygon layer 2 solution and a broad wallet compatibility, these include “MetaMask, Coinbase wallet, and Rainbow).


Recall, Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently went into a deal to take over the microblogging site as a private company.

As Stripe partners with Twitter, the microblogging site will make it possible for creators who opt in to have their earnings paid out to a cryptocurrency wallet.

Stripe will handle all crypto-related complexity and operations. No major code changes is expected or required, platforms can avoid taking on the challenges of acquiring, storing or transferring crypto themselves.



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