Russia and Ukraine

Bitcoin is set for a $40k mark as Biden Okays to meet with Putin

Russia and Ukraine – Amid rising tension between Russia and Ukraine, it has been found that over 77,000 crypto investors burnt as Bitcoin drops on fear of Russian invasion.

To confirm this, a mortar shell hit multiple buildings in the Donbas region of Ukraine according reports.

Following this trend, investors’ appetite for risk assets such as cryptocurrencies, plunged.

Subsequently, investors’ jitter over reports that the U.S. issued warning against a Russian possible attack on Ukraine, president Joe Biden said a “false flag” event may be underway, and a top diplomat said it sounded like Moscow is moving toward an “imminent invasion.”

Information from Russian official said no invasion was planned or underway in Ukraine, however, does not rule out a possible military technical measures.

A counter report by US official said Russia has messed up to 150,000 troops near the Ukrainian border in furtherance for an invasion. It recorded there’s no evidence that Russia has backed down from announcements made earlier this week.

Action indicators  for  BTC are showing an oversold signal similar to Feb 3rd signal which suggests that sellers will most likely remain this time.

Do not miss the fact that before the recent sell off, Bitcoin addresses with at least 1000 BTC in their balances added more tokens, which indicates that the wealthiest crypto investors are backing BTC’s rebound.

However, as geographical indices improve, Bitcoin bulls appear to be making a return.

Crypto investors are banking on the fact that Joe Biden has agreed “in principle” to meet the Russian President Vladimir Putin in what could be a last ditch diplomatic effort to resolve tensions surrounding Ukraine and avert a Russian invasion.

In an interview on Sunday night, U.S. press secretary, Jen Psaki said the meeting between the two leaders would follow a meeting between Secretary of State, Antony Blinken and his Russian counterpart, Sergey Lavrov, the meeting is scheduled to take place later this week.

It was emphasized by Psaki that this agreement is subject to Moscow backing down from its planned invasion. Biden agreed in principle to meet Putin assuming there’s no invasion.

Going ahead with the meeting as earlier announced by President Joe Biden will move in favor of Bitcoin price upward, panic sales would be strongly discouraged, while crypto assets appreciate.

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