How Koinwa Bitcoin Wallet Is Helping Many Businesses In Nigeria Grow

List of outlets that accept bitcoin payment for goods and services in Nigeria

 Bitcoin payment – According to a recent report released by blockchain, bitcoin level of interest in Nigeria surpasses that obtained in any black nation.


Similarly, the Africa’s largest economy and home to over 200 million people was found to emerge the highest domain for bitcoin trade volume in Africa.


This is to comfortably suggest that Bitcoin has a high level of acceptability in Nigeria and it’s since being integrated into nation’s economy despite CBN not giving its affirmative node, for obvious and selfish reasons.


That said, like any other fiat currency, merchants, businesses and individuals are beginning to give customers, clients and counterparts the opportunity to leverage payment/for settlement of goods and services with bitcoin.


It means to say that in Nigeria as it stands, you can now pay in shopping mall, e-commerce websites or in a business outlet with your bitcoin wallet as a legal tender in place of the naira currency.


“Hmmmm,” that’s the much needed gesture of relief if you ask me.


Before now, do not be ignorant of the fact that most online payment platforms with ATM cards, internet and mobile banking have not been so effective, transaction errors are on the rise, charges and fees soaring to high heavens without remedy in view any time soon.


Considering the aforesaid constrain, it becomes a welcome development that bitcoin payment is now accepted by merchants, this invariably stimulates even the economy in the right direction.


While providing “waw” experience for bitcoin users, it equally prides in little and low transaction fees compared to the conventional means of settlement.


While that happens, it’s noteworthy to understand that not every outlet does that in the meantime, so far, a number of outlets had since kick off and are seeing good business for it.


By this development, guide your loin as I take you into a journey of exploration to the domain and door steps of businesses that have said yes to bitcoin as a means of settlement in the 21st century in Nigeria.


#1. Cloudsms

If you are conversant with Bulk SMS you’d sure have no issues coming to terms with the service “Cloudsms” renders.


This is one of the leading bulk SMS service providers in Nigeria.


Bulk SMS is a service that enables individual or organizations to broadcast SMS messages to targeted phone contacts at the same time.


The uniqueness of this service is that it comes with:


  • Customized subject
  • Targeted at multiple phone numbers at the same time with same message as desired.
  • It’s relatively cheaper than the conventional SMS
  • Message can be scheduled

These are just few of the features and uniqueness attributed to a bulk SMS service.


With cloudsms, you can either own your own bulk SMS company or become a reseller, either way, you’re making money when you render such service.


If you wish to patronize cloudsms, you are at leverage to complete your payment with bitcoin if you so wish.


#2. FastTech


Just had of FastTech for the first time? You are not blame.


This is like a hub where people come to order and buy different kinds of products and electronic wares online.


It’s an online market place where you can order and buy products from independent sellers.


FastTech provides and engineers a platform for individual sellers to be seen, heard and showcase their goods and services.


In it’s mission, FastTech is committed to being most preferred and trusted electronics market place, dominating the market by;


  • Offering superior shopping experience
  • Shipping purchased items within stipulated turn-around-time (TAT)
  • Rendering unequal and unique customer service with unfettered customer experience.


For any item/electronic purchased on this platform, you can complete your payment with bitcoin, it’s swift, easy and reliable.


#3. Notjustbrands


Need a digital marketing service you can trust? Notjustbrand will make your dreams and aspirations come to fruition.


All you need to do is communicate your idea, they’ll develop it into an irresistible  brand.


Inbound marketing is no doubt a 21st century hack, if appealing and generating leads is anything of interest to businesses.


Notjustbrand and its team of experienced staff have the responsibility of getting you heard and seen in the most possible way you could think of in Nigeria.


They create an audience impression by tailoring your business with;


  • Responsive web design, which is your first impression to your customers.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO), by this practice your business has to be seen and heard by your would be customers particularly on the Google search engine, which has proved to be the home of free traffic. How does it fill to wake up only to find out you have tones of traffic from search engine? That’s the power of traffic. Targeted traffic = sales =money.
  • Social media marketing, this is a paid traffic, but as well most effective in driving targeted sales.
  • Brand development


Having contracted notjustbrand for any of the above services, you could make with bitcoin payment if you so wish, for services rendered.


#4. Konga


Konga is an online market place where you can buy arrays of items.


According to Konga boss Nnamdi Eke in a recent briefing… In his words


“Despite investors lack of interest in the e-commerce business in 2019, Konga has taken the forefront of driving the online market place growth that has led to restoring investors’ confidence.”



Items being sold on Konga include but not limited to;


  • Electronics
  • Phones
  • Computers
  • Accessories
  • Fashion
  • Shoes
  • Household equipment
  • Wines
  • Babies items etc


Konga avails its customers the opportunity to pay for goods purchased via bitcoin payment system


#5. Kavwin


This is the foremost online shopping center in Nigeria that accepts crypto currency for payment.


Other businesses that accept bitcoin payment are;


  • Simplepay
  • Regalflowers
  • Jumia
  • Slipmart
  • Shopnow
  • [email protected]
  • CTmastery
  • Miknu Design
  • Gigalayer
  • Hancarri
  • Shinapwon Infotech




These are few of the stores we have at the moment, as time and event pass, I’m sure we are going to have more of them in our belt.


A good number of businesses are making enquiry to receiving bitcoin payment at the moment, know any business accepting at the but not included here? Kindly identify in the comment box, we’ll review and update accordingly.


Thank you for your time.

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