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List of Bitcoin app that lets you earn free money in Nigeria

Bitcoin App – How does it feel to know you could earn extra bitcoin into your wallet by simply downloading and installing a functional app on your smart phone?

If that doesn’t interest you, then I don’t know what else will.

If you don’t like free money which I doubt, because personally I do, which is why I discovered the goldmines of apps I’m about to reveal to you in this eye opening guide.

As a Nigerian, you will easily come to terms with the fact that making money on a roller coaster ride isn’t a culture down here, instead hard work has always been preached.

Well, I’m sorry I didn’t intend to sound like the pastor next door, but truth be told, with the advancement of technology in the 21st century, the tides are fast changing unbelievably and you’ve got to believe that in one motion.

Now to the top secret of the day….

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Bitcoin app that lets you earn money in Nigeria

1. Bitcoin Aliens

If you’ve been playing games with your android device without making a dime, do put a stop to that fort with, every seconds of your time counts, as such must be put to good use at all times.

With Bitcoin Alien you stand to make a fortune each time you play fun games with this app.

If you love the idea of getting paid while you stretch your brain cells and eye muscles which I sure think you should, then Bitcoin Alien gets you covered at once, if you still think no body is making money playing ordinary game, you still probably exist in planet moon, come right in.


If you’re a content writer reading right now, think you should pay the most attention to this point.

Heard of LBR before? If yes, good. If no, then listen attentively.

LBR is a cyber-library founded on a decentralized platform, if you’re a good writer, start uploading your content on this platform at once and get paid for your creativity, really? You sure heard me.

With LBRY, you get to sell your content and receive payment in cryptocurrency, isn’t that worth the struggle? Sure I think it is, what are you waiting for? Get started immediately.

3. Storm

If you like accomplishing few tasks online for a pay, then I think you should check out Storm app.

The sweet thing about this app is that it’s a mini market place where you can find tasks that suit your time, convenient and all that.

You in turn receive your payment in bitcoin for the services rendered, choosing who you walk with makes it even more endearing to the zenith.

If this isn’t a thing you’d like to do, then tell your friends about it and see how it goes.

4. BitForTip

Heard of BitForTip? Most probably not, well keep your cool let me tell you more about this app.

On this platform you earn bitcoin by answering questions being posted or asked by other users.

If you’ve been to quora, then you should have no issues understanding how bitfortip works.

So if you’re that lazy to make searches and enquiry about an important topic or subject, kindly tip and get the ideas you’re looking for, while those who have amazing research skills leverage from it, simple.

Users usually post inquiry with a bitcoin reward of their choice, once the person who asks the question marks your answer correct, you earn the bitcoin reward immediately into your wallet.

5. Sweatcoin

It’s just amazing how some apps are just produced to help you earn money for simply trying to help yourself, isn’t that awesome.

Well, the least has not been heard of Sweatcoin, this app lets you earn a digital currency called sweetcoin by simply taking a walk to improve your health, don’t doubt me, it’s true.

The app measures your foot work on your mobile device as you walk, then pays you certain amount of sweatcoin per 1,000 steps taken.

6. Stormplay

Still on the gaming niche, shopping and performing micro tasks etc. By performing any of the listed task on Storm play you’ll earn bolts handsomely as a reward which you either convert to bitcoin or Ethereum.

They will keep sending you surveys to take, while you do that you earn more bolts, ideal for your bored time.

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If earning extra bolts isn’t a bad idea, then this should be ideal for you at once.


Other bitcoin app that gives away extra money for your time and data are

  • Bituro
  • Alien run
  • Steemit and
  • Blocklancer to mention just a few.

If you have time to spare, why not lay your hands any of the aforementioned apps and make extra money for yourself at this time to further cushion your expenses of the post COVID-19 pandemic.

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