“Is this the moment for crypto?” Ex-Goldman Sachs CEO backtracks, romances crypto

Blankfein the ex-Goldman Sachs CEO projected better days ahead for crypto following recent developments that affect the industry, it came as a surprise to everyone from a man who had never said good of crypto in the past.

“Wouldn’t you think crypto would be having a moment now? Not seeing it in the price, so far.”

This statement counters his initial stance, having voiced in the negative about crypto in the past, Blankfein said his views on digital assets is evolving.

Speaking to CNBC, the ex-Goldman Sachs CEO conceded that the past year or so had seen a maturation of the space, leading him to re-assess his position on cryptocurrency.

His comments provide a dramatic shift in perspective, especially coming from an ex-banker and during a sell-off period.

What came as a surprise to everyone was that Blankfein was badmouthing crypto in the past, notable of his statements was when he pointed out in January 2021, that regulators have vested interest in keeping crypto in check.

His statements directly represents a fact conceived in his mind that only exists by imagination, implying the digital currency sector will never hit the heights it aspires to reach.

Another statement credited to the ex-banker in the heat of his hate for crypto says thus;

“If I were a regulator, I would be kind of hyperventilating at the success of bitcoin at the moment and I’d be arming myself to deal with it.”

Blankfein is beginning to romance crypto finally

The former Sachs CEO has just told CNBC that he had softened his stance towards crypto, can you believe that?

The point is that no one can predict the future, trying to that he looks at what is happening in the present, based on his observation, “crypto is happening.”

Adding to his inability to predict the future he admits,

“I can’t predict the future, but I think it’s a big thing to be able to predict the present, like, what is happening? And I look at the crypto, and it is happening.”

Blankfein says despite his skepticism, he sees the trillion of dollars of capital inflow, the burgeoning ecosystem being built, and benefits, such as instant transfer. With this assertion his pragmatism on this matter overrules his skepticism to the point he couldn’t hold it anymore than to burst out.


Blankfein is an ex-banker who used to hate crypto with everything in him, his major campaign and publicity has always been to witch-haunt cryptos and send the assets into extinction, but then, little did he know that there’s more to crypto than just a digital currency.

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