Iran now uses crypto

Iran now uses crypto as a payment method, test runs in $10m worth of imports

Iran now uses crypto – Following sanctions, the Iranian government has resorted to using cryptocurrency to augment its inability to use foreign currencies to complete inter-trade payments.

The country has completed its first import order to the tune of $10m with cryptocurrencies, according to Tasim, a news agency in Iran.

Recently, Iran amended its digital assets legislation to make way for locally mined crypto assets to be used for purchases.

The nation’s official at the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade, Alireza Peyman-Park, said that by the end of September, Iran’s use of cryptocurrencies and smart contracts will be widespread in foreign trade with target countries.

Subsequently, the government 2019 legalized crypto mining in the country, while the sector is still being regulated.

Facts to note about Iran crypto payment

  • Iran now uses crypto looks to make widespread use of crypto assets as well as smart contracts, for foreign trades with a list of target countries by the end of September.
  • This will go down as the highest crypto publicized transaction so far by any country, in view, the first transaction of many that’ll bypass the U.S. sanctions in the country. Recall, The US sanctioned Russia, so trade is expected to be fostered among these countries through crypto assets.
  • However, there are concerns following the volatility that relates to the market, this caused some issues with other countries that have formally adopted crypto as a legal tender like El Salvador and the Central African Republic.
  • Given this, it’s also necessary to consider where Russia stands on crypto at the moment. Vladimir Putin, the Russian President officially keeps crypto at a distance, where such talks of official trade were said to be premature by the Russian President.
  • In a wider spectrum, Russia has a good reason to side with Iran which is looking to avoid and bypass sanctions, at least considering how the friendship appears to the Western leaders. Putin recently made a pit stop in Iran to meet the country’s President Ebrahim Raisi as well as supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei where they helped ink a $40 billion agreement for oil.
  • North Korea yet another country sanctioned by the U.S. has been raking in funds from illicit crypto heists, according to federal law enforcement. Where officials are reportedly concerned those millions in crypto are being used to fund the DPRK’s nuclear program.
  • It is an open secret that Iran has been making heavy use of various cryptocurrencies in a bid to avoid the sanctions. Binance recently came under fire in the U.S., for facilitating anonymous trade by Irans through its platform, despite sanctions.


Iran facilitated crypto mining, however, reports showed that4.5% of all the world’s mining took place in the country. Due to huge power consumption, Iran has since clamped down on the practice, where the vast majority of those power vampire mining operations were unlicensed and illegal.

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