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How to send Bitcoin to Nigeria via Rapidpay

Rapidpay – The need for money transfer in recent times has been on the raise, given that funds have to be moved for good number of reasons is quite understandable.

Except you’re reading from planet moon, then you most probably should be in shape with the evolving fact surrounding Bitcoin as arguably the next world hack, did I just say that? Bitcoin is the real buzz.

It’s a bit disturbing that majority of Nigerians are yet to familiarize themselves with Bitcoin as an electronic currency, typically the advance world is not letting down the pedal any time.

Despite not being accepted by Central banks of this world, the magic currency, its value and measurement has not been deterred one bit, instead distorting the currency space with reckless abandon.

Having said this, Koinwa is here to ensure every Nigerian who cares to know gets acquainted with Bitcoin, manage a wallet as well make and receive payments with the revolutionary magic currency of our time.

Money transfer upheavals

If you are conversant with money transfer and diaspora remittance to Nigeria in recent weeks, you’ll understand that major money transfer players like Money Gram and Western union have introduced measures which make it almost impossible for Nigerians to receive money via these medium.

It’s either “The fund is not available for pickup or the receiver cannot receive such transfers at this time.”

When this happens, it’s either they’ve out rightly turn down such transaction and money refunded to the sender or the receiver can no longer receive funds on their platforms.

Whichever way it goes, one thing is certain, your ability to receive such funds had been short lived and hampered, thus worries and anxieties set in.

It is on this note that Koinwadecides to put you in control of your money transfer process by matching your desires with robust solution in Bitcoin money transfer.

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You can buy, sell and send your bitcoin with Rapidpay while choosing Koinwa as your number one host in Nigeria.


Rapidpay is a platform you can use in sending money transfer to any country of the world using Bitcoin.

With Rapidpay, you can send and receive money to any Nigerian bank account, this arrangement means to say that your receiver must not have a Bitcoin wallet.

Rapidpay supports transactions in Nigerian (NGN) local currency and can be sent in from any part of the world.

With this, both the sender and the receiver are off the hook of money transfer stress.

How to send money to Nigeria with Rapidpay in simple steps

  • Visit
  • Click on send money
  • Select the receivers bank and account number under the receiver’s detail
  • Input the receiver’s email address
  • Select currency you wish to send in either USD or any other as deem necessary.
  • Then select amount

For the record, you can only send a maximum of $2000 per transfer and minimum of $20using this platform at this time.


Assuming you want to send$100 to a relative in Nigeria, who supposedly has a bank account here. Kindly ask for his/her email address in addition to the account number.

  • Move to platform at once,
  • On arrival tap the send money icon at once
  • If for example say, he/she uses “Access bank” with the account number“0065694783”, select Access bank in the column provided, then input the account number “0065694783” in the account number column as provided, input the receiver’s email address.
  • Let’s say you are choosing dollar as the sending currency, kindly select “$”
  • If say you want to send $100, input it in the column specified for amount.

As at the time of writing this guide, a $100 transfer is =0.0084975 BTC and the receiver will get N42,182.14. The rate is better than Western union and Money Gram rate as obtained here which are mostly N353 to N365 slightly at the time of writing this guide.

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Having done the above, copy the bitcoin address generated into your bitcoin wallet and send immediately.

The money will hit the receiver’s account almost at the speed of light, same value without deduction whatsoever.

An upside to Rapidpay

  • Being fast
  • Has the best market rate
  • Zero fees
  • Direct withdrawal to your bank account and
  • You do not need to sign up before you could use the platform.


Do not forget you can buy and sell your bitcoin at Koinwa with little or no additional fees, you can trade your gift cards fast with us.

It doesn’t cost a fortune to get started with us in simple steps;

  • Sign up
  • Buy crypto (Bitcoin) using bank transfer or internet banking
  • Get coin to your wallet, then you can easily send it to friends.

Check our contact page for further enquiry, we’re a call/mail ever closer to you.


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