World Remit transfers

How to receive world Remit transfers in Nigeria

How to receive world Remit transfers in Nigeria

World Remit Transfers – In one of the usual occasions for the cash pick-up, the teller inputted the reference number, this time it returns an error message “The receiver limit has been exceeded, the customer should contact Money Gram.”

Mrs. Joel wasn’t the least cheerful in the face of the troubling transaction, since she could not access the transfer to further offset her routine bills as scheduled early.

In the light of these, the teller suggests she switch to “World Remit Transfer,” she objected without a second thought, her reason being that she hasn’t done any other transfer except Money Gram.

The teller persuaded her to give it a try, citing how easy and seamless the transfer could be, necessity becomes a true mother of invention.

After much persuasion, Mrs. Joel decides to give it a try having called her daughter in the States to inform her she’d been blocked from receiving Money Gram Transfers momentarily.

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It has been a routine for Money Gram to suspend some users from sending or receiving transfers when such users literally exceed their send or receive limit within a quarter.

It’s one of those scenario’s that played out, consequently as Mrs. Joel couldn’t access her Money Gram transfer as usual.

Did she opt for the “world Remit Transfers” as advised by the teller? Yes she did and had the better part of it since she now resort to it time after time sequel to her initial experience.

Having said that, here’s introducing to you “World Remit Transfers.”

About world Remit

World Remit is an online money transfer plat-form, that provides international money transfer solutions to users across the world.

Interestingly, it was founded by the trio of Ismail Ahmed, Catherine Wines and Richard Igoe in 2010, headquartered in United Kingdom.

In its network coverage, World Remit serves over 150 countries, Nigeria inclusive, with a simple and secure funds delivery at all times.

International money transfer recent changes in cash pick-up for Nigerians

In December 2020, the Central Bank of Nigeria cited a need to further ease the dollar stress on the naira, mandated that all inflows into Nigeria must be paid out in USD.

This is to inject more dollar currency into the economy, which in turn should affect the USD price in a downward trend considering the law of demand and supply.

In its ambit as well, it seeks to make for a transparent money transfer administration between the banks and the money transfer users, where customers get a near value of their actual received funds against the usual old standing circumventing practices.

Bottom line, all transfers going forward effective December 2020 are now being paid out in USD only, order than the Nigerian naira.

As an interested new user, a question you may want to ask is, “Requirements to receiving the World Remit Transfers?”


There are no specific rituals for new users who wish to receive international money transfers on this platform, all you’ve got to do is send the following to the sender who supposedly is abroad already;

  • Your complete name as appeared on your BVN, pay attention to details to avoid typo error as this might hamper your chances of accessing the transfer thereafter.
  • Your valid ID card should be kept ready
  • The user must make no mistake about your country of residence as money routed to countries order than yours will not be accessed.
  • Your detailed phone number must be sent correctly, since you may not OTP if wrongly captured.

How to send World Remit Transfer to Nigeria

The sender needs to either proceed to an agent location abroad or consummate the transfer on his/her World Remit app.

It’s necessary to understand that a user should had link his/her credit card details to the World Remit app prior to sending the transfer since they’ll be paying from their cards.

The user must provide/fill the below information appropriately in the column provided during the transfer on the app;

  • The receiver’s name must be well captured as they have on their ID cards
  • The receiver’s phone number must be duly captured, since they’ll need an OTP to complete the transfer at the agent location in Nigeria
  • The money must be destined for Nigeria as a location
  • Carefully select the amount you wish to send, as appropriately considered your credit card could pay for.
  • On completion of the transfer, the system generates an 8-digit reference number.

The said reference number and accompanying details will be sent to both the sender and the receiver via SMS accordingly to further complete the transaction processing.

How to receive World Remit Transfers in Nigeria

It’s assumed you’ve received the transfer details, the next step you may need to take is to visit an agent location in Nigeria and cash out your money.

In Nigeria, the banks have the reserved right to pay out money transfers, so you are expected to visit any of the paying banks like Polaris bank, First bank, UBA, Fidelity etc.

Kindly visit the “Money Transfer desk” in any of banks and enquire to pick a World Remit Transfer, you will be required to;

  • Complete a world Remit transfer form, pay detailed attention and fill the form without alteration.
  • Provide your 8-digit reference number in the column provided
  • Provide a valid ID card as may be required, complete your name in the column provided
  • Kindly write the sender’s name clearly and legibly
  • Capture receipt amount in the appropriate column and sign the form properly where necessary.

On completion of the form, hand same over to the money transfer officer who in turn processes the transaction and hands out your cash accordingly.

What next? You may start spending your money immediately.

Important point to note

It’s very necessary to pay detailed attention to your name arrangement, ensure you type and send the correct details to the sender as any error of transposition or omission may not be tolerated which could lead to delay in payment until it’s being rectified in good order.

Where such errors occur, the sender may have to go back to the agent location or effect the correction him/herself on the World Remit Transfers app.

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This may take some time to update/reflect on the system accordingly.


World Remit Transfers could meet and surpass your transfer needs, it stands one of the most used platforms to send money back to Nigeria and other countries of the world.

It’s cheap, fast, safe and very reliable that other platforms may have to start struggling to remain relevance in the nearest future.

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