World Remit refund

How to process a world remit refund in minutes

World remit refund – Upside about the world remit transfer is that you have an option to cancel the transfer and request for a refund without stress, in minutes even.

While that seems simple, it does not go without certain conditions you’ll be acquainted with in this guide.

So you sent money to a loved one, friend etc, but eventually have reasons to recall or cancel your transfer, world remit has never and will never deny anyone such opportunity.

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It has been observed a herculean task, worry and anxiety when users have reasons not to continue with a transfer process, with the piece in your hands right now, I’m sure you’ll crush this obstacle going forward.

Introducing World remit refund/cancellation

A transaction refund or cancelation is a scenario where a world remit transfer that was sent early is being recalled, terminated and principal value returned to the initial sender accordingly.

It’s as simple as that without harm whatsoever to any of the parties.

Why would you demand cancellation and a world remit refund in the first place?

The below answers may fall in place, however there could be a number of reasons not mentioned.

  • It could be that the beneficiary/receiver could not pick the transfer for certain reasons they may not be able to address
  • It could be that the sender is about to get scammed
  • In a situation where a destination country is wrongly routed, cancellation of such transfer is ideal.
  • World remit may decide not to pay such transfer for reasons best known to them

When the above situations or any other not mentioned occur, it could lead to cancellation of such transfer.

Now you know a world remit refund and cancellation is possible under the aforesaid guise.

How to process a World remit cancelation/refund in simple steps

It has been on record that the fastest procedures to carry out this task is through the world remit website or its app, however, you can only get a refund after such transfer is being cancelled, that said:

  • You will need to log into your account via the website or the app
  • Locate your “Transfer activity”
  • From here, trace a transfer you wish to cancel
  • You should then hit the “Request cancellation” button as seen.

However, transfers that have been paid out can neither be cancelled nor refunded under any guise since the receiver has picked the fund.

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On successful cancellation of the transfer, your refund will be processed accordingly.

It’s pertinent to note that refunds take a maximum of 7 working days to be credited back to you, it may take longer anyway depending of your payment provider.

Kindly note that you will receive a mail from world remit notifying you about the cancellation, then refund subsequently.

Frequently asked questions on World Remit refund/cancellation

Q1. Why did world remit cancel my transaction?

World remit may cancel a transfer if eventually you provided wrong receiver information at the time of sending the transfer.

This usually happens with mobile money and bank transfer transactions, in a situation where the end user/receiver cannot be located with the details provided, the transfer will just be cancelled.

Q2. World remit payment not authorized

A transfer may not be authorized if your credit/debit card which you intend to complete your transaction with is being declined for a number of factors.

When this happens, it’s advisable to contact your card’s issuer’s payment and authorization department.

On the contrary, world remit is not in a position to provide reason(s) why your card is being declined for payment.

Q3. What are the common “World remit problems?”

Below are some common world remit problems you may encounter while trying to send or receive a transfer.

  • On completing a transfer, your payment may not go through
  • Your money may take longer to process than usually expected
  • Despite transfer being successful from the sender’s end, the receiver may not be able to access the money
  • Having cancelled a transfer, the refund may take some time

Q4. What is world remit contact number?

Kindly reach world remit on: 009 44 20 7148 5800

Q5. Can I track world remit?

A world remit transfer can be tracked through SMS and email services accordingly.

However, the importance of tracking a transfer is that it enables you to know the direction and position of your money at a time.

Q6. What does it mean when a transfer says “World remit status in progress?”

When a transfer status shows “In progress” it simply means that the transaction has not been picked or in process.

To this end, if you wish to know the status of your transaction, kindly log in on your app, you will be able to see any transfer in progress at the top of your activity page.

Q7. How long does it take to receive a world remit transfer?

World remit transfers come in different channels as you can see below, that as well determines the duration of the transfer pickup.

  • Cash pick is available to collect instantly.
  • Mobile money is available within minutes
  • Airtime top-up is available within minutes
  • Home delivery may take 24 hours to 7 days depending on the location of the receiver.


If by any means you wish to have a world remit refund, you’d sure see it’s not a herculean task.

All you’ve got to do is follow the steps listed and you’ll be good in seconds, but kindly note that after cancellation, your refund will arrive much later after 7 working days at minimum, except where your payment provider has varying standard.

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