Koinwa crypto loan

How to get Koinwa crypto loan in simple steps

Koinwa crypto loan – According to a data by guardian in 2018, only 2% of Nigerians have access to credit facilities, this suggests that the Nigeria’s financial institutions were not keen in growing Small and Medium Enterprises, as well personal finance in the area of lending.

However, the situation seem to have taken a turn in the last few years given the campaign for financial inclusion and licensing of Fintech companies to further lead the onslaught.

About Koinwa crypto loan?

“Koinwa crypto loan” is a crypto advantage loan in Nigeria and Africa  developed/designed by Koinwa to help individuals actualize their dreams of accessing the flagship/bitcoin loan via the “Koinwa App.”

Who can access the Koinwa crypto loan?

This loan targets the credit and financially underserved population who do not have the wherewithal to access loans from banks and credit institutions on the premise of unavailability of adequate security to backup such loans among other factors as deemed necessary by a processing bank.

These group of individuals include

  • SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises)
  • Farmers
  • Market women
  • Widows
  • Financially underserved persons, and anyone in need of basic funding.

Benefits of Koinwa crypto loan

The idea behind this loan is to distort the conventional credit market controlled by the financial institutions, to improve the quality of lives, give hope to the underserved and breach the imminent credit gap between the super-rich and the disadvantaged under-served market, while breaking down funding accessibility into smaller units accessible by the least of financially non-exposed persons.

With this idea,

  • You will benefit from a real time loan access without stress
  • There’s no mountain of paper work involved
  • There’s no collateral
  • The interest rate is as low as 10% against the 25% issued by the financial and credit institutions, it’s a huge advantage.

How to acquire Koinwa crypto loan

You will first of all need to download the Koinwa app available for both IOS and Android operating systems, sign up and start using the Koinwa platform.

But before I dig further, let me kindly inform you that the crypto loan comes in various packages with a general loan tenor of 90 days at the rate of 10%. Kindly find the various packages and threshold in the table below.

Crypto package Tenor Rate Threshold/amount
Crypto Loan Mini 90 days 10% N5,000 – N20,000
Crypto Loan Plus 90 days 10% N25,000 – N50,000
Crypto Loan max 90 days 10% N55,000 – N100,000
Crypto Loan Pro 90 days 10% N150,000 – N300,000
Crypto Loan Pro Max 90 days 10% N350,000 – N500,000


Having signed up on Koinwa and using same,

  • Click on the loan icon
  • You will be redirected to an interface where you will have to choose from the list of packages as suitable to you.
  • Select the amount you want to access
  • Select your referee who must have completed at least a single trade on the Koinwa platform.

You are not required to provide a collateral, but understand that Koinwa is a community with active users, one of such users should serve as your reference to at least backup and secure your loan.

Typically why you should invite close associates to Koinwa.

The number of reference(s) is dependent on the loan package you are apply for.

On completion, hit the submit button, your loan will be reviewed and wallet credited with value accordingly.

You are expected to pay back in 90 days from the date facility was given.


Koinwa crypto loan will sure meet your funding options, however, it’s pertinent that you get acquainted with trade via the Koinwa platform since bitcoin adoption and use is the latest and real world hack.




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