Coronavirus Helping Bitcoin Growth And Why You Should Invest

Coronavirus Helping Bitcoin Growth And Why You Should Invest

    Concerns about the rapid spread of the coronavirus are a factor in encouraging bitcoin, an asset that investors often get nervous about. However, this is not the only reason to push bitcoin higher.


The current Bitcoin rally can be blamed for ongoing monetary uncertainty, with US-China exchange ties, Brexit concerns, and rising Bitcoin expenses as the cause of persistent subject over political tensions between Japan and South Korea.


But the Coronavirus is clearly the biggest catalyst.


The upward jostle in bitcoin price correlates to the ongoing outbreak, bitcoin’s present-day spike is similar to gold’s stellar run this year. The yellow metallic has also surged this month and is now trading at a seven-year high.


Cryptocurrency has risen amid fears that the coronavirus outbreak will send shock waves into the global stock market.

The price of a Bitcoin is now hovering around 9781.0.  Bitcoin is up about 10% this week and has achieved 30% by the end of 2019.


So for that, Koinwa’s goal is to create a free financial system for Nigeria and Africa worldwide.

Imagine that every payment was as fast, cheap and global as any email sent.

    Imagine if anyone with the Internet had access to the same financial services while others enjoyed the better world?

An open financial system can lift billions from poverty and be a great equivalent when accelerating global innovation. This is our best way to change the world.

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