Bitcoin exchanges in Ghana

Bitcoin exchanges in Ghana [Top best exchanges to buy and sell Bitcoin]

Bitcoin exchanges in Ghana [Top best exchanges to buy and sell Bitcoin]

Bitcoin exchanges in Ghana – For the record, the growing popularity of cryptocurrency in Africa particularly bitcoin can longer be underscored.

Aside Nigeria, other African countries like South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Djibouti and Uganda have shown great commitment in bitcoin transaction.

While this stands, if you are in Ghana and looking up to consummating transactions with bitcoin, this guide will show you credible exchanges in Ghana who will give you value for your money.

According to Ted Owusu Duodo CEO of PMCedis Capital in one of his press briefings says; “The demand for Bitcoin in Ghana is very high, the people who are into it are mostly the youths, and among them the demand is very very high, he added.

Basically, exchanges make bitcoin transaction easier and attainable to consummate in the most seamless way.

What is Bitcoin Exchange?

Bitcoin Exchange is an arrangement where people buy and sell bitcoins using altcoins or fiat currencies, the exchange is usually an online platform that brings both the buyers and the sellers together for the basic aim of doing business.

A quick run on formidable exchanges in Ghana, who track records undoubtedly made them outstanding.


Kraken is one of the best exchanges to buy and sell bitcoin in Ghana, been in front of blockchain revolution since 2011.

Its excellent service, low fees and security forms the pivot that brings return business to this exchange.

It intends to accelerate the adoption of cryptocurrency in Ghana, to further lift its citizens out of poverty through financial inclusiveness and prosperity for all Ghanians.

Kraken is the brain child of Jesse Powel.

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LocalBitcoin is one of the leading bitcoin exchanges so long cryptocurrency is concerned in Ghana, it gives users a free playing ground to decide what suits them.

To this end, it supports P2P kind of trade by allowing users to buy and sell bitcoin to each other while deciding the most suitable payment method on their own.

Since it involve person to person trade, Localbitcoin provides an escrow protection to enhance safety for both bitcoin and the traders.

Citing the fact that bitcoin gives power to individuals and communities, Localbitcoin wants to enhance financial freedom and prosperity for all Ghanians.

Reach out to them: [email protected]


BitMex is one of the bitcoin exchanges in Ghana that deals solely on bitcoin, by this note does not support fiat currencies, its mode of operation is P2P trading.

It has a team of best professionals in web development, finance and high frequency algorithm trading.

BitMex prides itself in seamless user experience and high level of security architecture, each withdrawal is audited by hand by at least two BitMex employees before sending, this is to forestall security challenges.


Bitit offers users the opportunity to trade in Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies.

One of its unique feature is that despite allowing payments with credit card, you can as well pay using your local fiat currency.

This provides opportunity for Ghanians and its residence to venture into bitcoin with ease.

Their rate is very transparent and simple enshrined in 24/7 customer service to solve your transaction puzzles at any given time.

Bitit was founded in 2015 by Nicolas Katan, Ugo Mare and Simon Potier who are best of friends, with the aim of deepening financial inclusion in the rural areas to further help the locals take charge of their financial wellbeing.


Okcoin is one of the leading exchanges in Ghana with an objective to provide a trading platform on cryptocurrency for everyone via the indigenous local currency, providing a secured platform for this course at a low cost.

Okcoin wants to get everyone involved and comfortable with bitcoin, irrespective of their localities, ideologies and principal perception of cryptocurrencies.

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The business gets even better by onboarding the Okcoin platform.

Get in touch: [email protected]


Paxful discovers the problem of man revolving on how to make and transport money, with this in view, it built a platform to enhance a global Peer-to-peer trading on cryptocurrency with a view to bettering lives.


Changelly offers access to over 1500 cryptocurrencies around the world, aimed at making crypto transactions effortless at every step of the way.

Transactions on Changelly are fast, safe with a 24/7 customer service experience.

Transactions on this platform attract competitive fees at a rate you can ever think of.

Despite trading and investing, it provides an affiliate program at a 50% revenue share.

Get in touch: [email protected]


Poloniex is on the cryptocurrency exchanges in Ghana that has really worked tirelessly to have its footprints in the sands of time.

You can earn on this platform without trading even, you may choose to lend your bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to earn interests directly to your account.

Other cryptocurrency exchanges in Ghana are;

  • eToro
  • Mycelium local Trader
  • Cex
  • Coinbase
  • Binance
  • Bitsquare and
  • Huobix


The extent of bitcoin acceptability in Ghana is a pointer that Africa is leaving apparently nothing to chances, crypto means liberation from poverty for a better wellbeing.

The fact that it provides an on the move support and experience gives it an edge over the fiat currencies of this world.

For financial inclusion to be deepened in essence, the use of cryptocurrency must be widely accepted and appreciated.

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Cryptocurrency exchanges in Ghana are on ground to ensure that everyone gets a fair share of the pie of wealth the technology based currency provides in recent time.

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