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Beginner’s guide to Bitcoin wallet in Nigeria

Bitcoin wallet – If you just arrived, probably want to have a stint with the cryptocurrency industry as a newbie, or on exploration for general and academic discovery, let me welcome you officially by saying you’ve arrived at the right web page.

The advent of cryptocurrency as embodiment has changed perceptions, ideologies and narratives across the financial industry, in Nigeria, Africa and the world at large.

Make no mistake about saying that cryptocurrency has changed lives, redefine personal finances, economies, as well distort the conventional financial institutions of every country of the world, in view of this, the trend is not getting to a halt to even say the least.

As your regular anchor on Koinwa, it’s a duty bestowed on me to by a way of this guide enlighten your dark end further to the concept of “Bitcoin wallet.”

Understanding Bitcoin wallet

In general sphere, a wallet is a small flat case, which you can put your light items, like paper, currency, credit or debit card and all items deem fit of accommodation.

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However, in the concept of Bitcoin wallet, this is referred to a software program in which bitcoin can be stored or kept.

Similarly in a general concept of bitcoin, it’s said that cryptocurrency cannot be stored as a value since it’s just an electronic and digital connotation.

This takes us further to a more conceptual and elaborate definition of this term, to say bitcoin wallet facilitates sending and receiving of bitcoins, where the user assumes ownership of the bitcoin balance in principle.

Note: A wallet address consists of a string of 26-35 alphanumeric characters, these characters facilitate sending and receipt of bitcoin.

Additionally, it stores private and public keys. This is quiet elaborate and should convey a better understanding of this subject.

While that stays at that, let’s take a tour into the world and components of a cryptocurrency wallet.

How to get a bitcoin wallet in Nigeria

Creating a bitcoin wallet in Nigeria shouldn’t be a herculean task, there are a number of platforms in Nigeria that could help you get set up at a glance.

You can sign up for a bitcoin wallet here on Koinwa by following this link, it’s a free wallet for you, you are not charged to own wallet before you could receive and send bitcoin, the platform also lets you trade your gift cards.

Blockchain wallet

blockchain wallet is a digital wallet that facilitates users to manage and store bitcoin & ether. The wallet is an invention of blockchain. Despite being able to transfer the cryptocurrency in question, you can as well convert it to fiat currency at any given time.

Problems of blockchain wallet and how to get them solved

We fore-mostly accept the fact that every technological advancement comes with its own downside, blockchain wallet has its own fair share of the pie since its emergence.

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With great concern to solving most of these challenges, I was able to locate Olga Hryniuk of Appalicature, who in my appraisal did a great job in this subject matter.

He’d as well made recommendations that worth checking out, Follow this Link and get your issues resolved.


A wallet is the most essential aspect of this cryptocurrency, one needs to master its application and dynamics, since it forms the basis or houses the functionality of the coin, without which you may not meet or access the peer to peer transactions.

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