Banks And Fiat Currency Is Old Fashioned

Banks And Fiat Currency Is Old Fashioned

According to the last survey done by koinwa team,65 percent of people within the age of (17years/33year)in lagos Nigeria prefer the peer 2 peer means of payment(bitcoin).

Without bank inteference or any 3rd party considering the bank charges and also the delay in transfer of funds from one bank to the other.

While 25 percent within the age of 35/50 years old still prefer the old means of payment the remaining 10 percent that falls within 18/65 are indifferent about both mode of payment as long as transaction is going through…….

This goes a long way and made us to realize that cryptocurrency is the future also,people are trying there possible best to realize the importance of the cryptoworld and we have more than 235 cryptocurrencies.

Also popular music artist akon just launched his own crytocurrency name Akoin with a city to complement it in senegal,and this rings a bell.



1.Advent of cryptocurrency proved that they will be a unified currency,meaning all countries in the world will spend one currency and this will totally eradicate manipulation of AFRICA economy

2.Africa is the only continent backward and untapped,so bitcoin is going to work for us

3.All continent have a unified currency except Africa e.g Dollar in American continent,Euro in Europe

4.Africa is the future of bitcoin

5.According to google trends,Nigeria and south Africa is the top 2 countries that searched for bitcoins on google.

Some argued that The increase in Bitcoin searches is not a proxy for adoption. This surge in Bitcoin searches in African countries may be an indication of the increased need for information and knowledge on BITCOIN.

As has been experienced in other continents, the number of searches goes down once people have enough knowledge

Bitcoin Use in Scams

Critics have argued that this increase in Bitcoin searches in Nigeria and Ghana is a result of scammers searching for new opportunities to earn bitcoin illegally.

 Do you think that the rise in Bitcoin searches may be connected to increased use of BTC in scams?

One of the biggest misconceptions about Bitcoin is that criminals mostly use it. It’s important to note that you can trace bitcoin back to its original users and track their entire history of activity.

koinwa is committed to eradicate this backlash ,prevent fraud and also terrorist financing,koinwa is committed to make a good great open financial system without any hinderance or fraud

The surge in Bitcoin searches is a result of different activities. In some countries, it may be due to increased adoption. In others, it may be due to increased awareness, as well as a need for alternative payment and earning methods.

However, what is clear is that Africans are becoming more interested in Bitcoin and this can only signal better days for the bitcoins especially africa and is the real revolution is the number one platform in Africa that provide the most secured wallet and also we dont aid corruption or what so ever.To learn more about bitcoin and other cryptocurrency log on scroll through our blogs for more information

Koinwa is an open financial system created to help africa key into the cryptocurrency world.

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